TCC Online Meeting Manager

TCC Online Meeting Manager uses the power of the Web to make your online meetings more effective and productive. Turn your teleconference call into an integrated experience that makes scheduling and starting your online meeting easier, increases conference participation and makes scheduling and facilitating your online meetings a snap.

With the power of our browser-based Online Meeting Manager tool you can access your account and start your meetings from any location with online access whenever you need to meet online.

Online Meeting Manager Features Improve Productivity

Online Meeting Manager's features make you and your online meetings more productive.

  • Easily monitor who is participating on your online meeting by viewing the Online Meeting Manager phone and web participant lists.
  • Add the convenience of using chat to communicate with others, receive questions from participants or simultaneously address other issues.
  • Automatically receive a report of your teleconference call by email after it is finished, including a record of all participants' conference duration times and other pertinent information.
  • Use TCC Online Meeting Manager to schedule your online meeting, send an email notification to all of your participants, enabling them to easily book the call in their online calendars.
  • Download your Microsoft Outlook contacts file into your Online Meeting address book, making scheduling meetings as easy as a clicking your mouse.

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