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Room-based Video Conference
Room-based Video Conference
Desktop Video Conferencing
Desktop Video Conference

Video conference meetings - long used by very large enterprises as an effective communications tool - are now a practical option for businesses of any size due to the widely dispersed high capacity data network and a proliferation of low cost, high quality video conferencing service options. Combine the upfront savings video conferencing offers by reducing travel expenses with the productivity gains provided through more frequent collaborative meetings and you'll quickly see why so many successful companies are now using video conferencing.

Selecting the correct Video Conferencing Service begins with determining whether Desktop Video Conferencing or Room-based Video Conferencing is the best fit for the needs of the meeting participants and the objective of the meeting. When considering both options, keep in mind that Desktop Video participants can also easily connect into a Conference Room-based video meeting, so it's not necessary to choose one option at the exclusion of the other. Read on to learn additional considerations when comparing and contrasting Desktop Video Service with Room-based Video Conferencing and Video Room Rental Service to determine which is best for you.

Desktop Video Conferencing Service

WebEx Meeting Center Desktop Video Console

Remote collaboration, distance training sessions and ad-hoc meetings are more interesting and productive when you engage face-to-face with your meeting participants using Desktop Video Conferencing. The convenience of participating from a desktop is matched by ease of use and low cost - the only hardware required is a computer and inexpensive webcam.

Desktop Video Conferencing can be provided as a stand-alone service, or as an available option when using selected web conferencing services. Two Rivers Conferencing offers Desktop Video Conferencing that comes integrated with our Web Conferencing Services for optimal ease-of-use and convenience. For example if some of your participants don't have webcams, they can still participate in your meeting using the audio and web conferencing features.

Desktop-based video meeting participants have the flexibility to connect with one or many other Desktop Video users using the same video service platform, and they can also connect with participants using a Room-based Video Conference Service.

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Room-based Video Conference Service

Room-based Video Conference

Contrasting with Desktop Video, Room-based Video Conferencing is designed for connecting multiple teams in remotely located conference room settings. It can be utilized through on-premise facilities or through a video conference room rental service. Large organizations with a need for frequent room-based video conferencing will typically implement an on-premise video conferencing facility, installing the necessary hardware in a suitable conference room setting with access to their high capacity data network. If you are considering a premise-based video conference room facility, contact us today to learn how easy it can be.

If your company or organization doesn't have access to an on-premise video conference room, or if your existing facilities are just not available, you can still realize the benefits of video conference meetings by using a Video Conference Room Rental Service.

Video Conference Room Rental Service

With more than 4,000 video rental suites in over 1,300 cities and 130 countries, organizations of any size can realize the benefits of room-based video meetings through the convenience of Video Conference Room Rental service. With the flexibility to connect with other video conference rooms as well as individuals from their desktops, you'll also have the option to use your organization's internal video conferencing network, or on an external hi-capacity network.

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