Customer Testimonials

Customers Talk About Two Rivers Conferencing Services

We know that there are a large number of conferencing service providers, so satisfying our customers is our most important goal. We are grateful to the following Two Rivers Conferencing customers for sharing their experiences.

" You guys are the best! When I think of Two Rivers Conferencing (TRC) the first word that comes to mind is ease. It is easy to make the conference call, easy to walk through the access, and their invoicing makes it easy to bill our clients. With TRC's invoicing client matter numbers are used, so it is easy to access information to facilitate accurate client billing.

We also like the flexibility of adding calls. Often we have to add a judge to an existing call. We can add the judge to the call, take everyone else off hold and not drop anyone from the call using the Two Rivers Conferencing service. Judges have a busy schedule, so ease of adding them to a call is important to us.

We have recommended TRC to other firms. You can make a conference call 24/7... making the call from home or do the conference from anywhere at anytime. Price is also not an issue. The conference call is always clear and everyone at our firm likes using the service.

It is a pleasure to work with TRC. If we need something or have a question, they get back to us within the same day. Two Rivers Conferencing makes life easier! "

- Debra J. Norberg - Executive Assistant
  Meagher & Geer, P.L.L.P., Minneapolis, Minnesota

" The quality of Two Rivers Conferencing (TRC) sets the right impression for my business. I use their service when I gather two or more people. The quality is top-notch — a ten. They offer a seamless and easy to use product. As a small business, I use the service for outside client meetings and internally with my staff. When I think of Two Rivers Conferencing, I think of a great experience with both the conferencing service and TRC's people.

Customer service at TRC has a sense of ownership and urgency to correct issues. They provide great service continuity. I was impressed with the availability of service at Two Rivers — whether it is 6 AM or 6 PM, someone is there to answer the phone. With other providers, you may have to wait to talk to someone.

We have a long-term relationship and I have been using Two Rivers Conferencing for 6 years. None compares to the quality and the value offered by Two Rivers Conferencing. Keep up the good work! "

- Mike Reeg - President and Founder
  Data-Tel Communications, Inc.

" We have received personalized service since the beginning of our service agreement. The efforts of the staff far exceed expectations of any other company. "

- Christopher Queram - President/CEO
  WCHQ - Wisconsin Collaborative for Healthcare Quality

" Keep doing what you are doing. Your team is great to work with and we appreciate your outstanding support with an interest in delighting your clients. "

" I use the audio conference service for bi-monthly meetings. I use the combined audio and web conferences occasionally for special projects. "

- Anonymous - Member Services and Project Specialist
  WCHQ - Wisconsin Collaborative for Healthcare Quality

" Your customer service is exceptional. It was also very considerate of you to temporarily, on your own, change our billing arrangement to suit our usage trend for a particular time period. "

" We haven't had a need for web conferences yet, but I am certain we will in the future. "

- Joel Schwartz - President
  LCA Sales

" I have always been extremely satisfied with the service provided by your company. "

- Mary Gordon, RHIT - Clinical Information Manager
  WCHQ - Wisconsin Collaborative for Healthcare Quality

" Audio is excellent. "

- Steven Valenti - President
  F.M. Valenti, Inc.



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