Webinars and Webcasting Online Events

Two Rivers Meeting Stream Webcasting delivers audio, video and presentation content that is streamed over the Internet, making it ideal to cost-effectively reach large audiences with online events.

Webinars are a commonly used application for webcasting service, including marketing lead generation and e-learning webinar programs. Meeting Stream Webcasting is also a perfect fit for a significant number of other types of webcasting applications

Webcasting vs. Web Conferencing

Webcasts differ from Web Conferences, which are used for collaborative Online Web Meetings. The audience size of a webcast event is also typically much larger, ranging up to hundreds or thousands of participants. Webcast events also share the following additional characteristics:

  • Webcast events are organized as “one-to-many” or “several-to-many”, presentations compared to web conference calls which are “few to few” collaborative online meetings.
  • Webcasts stream audio, video and presentations through a browser-based interface, eliminating the need for client software downloads and delivering audio through pc speakers or headphones.
  • Most Webcasts require additional capabilities compared to online web meetings, and two of the most frequently used features includes online registration and detailed attendee reports.

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