Why You Need Two Rivers Meeting Stream Webcasting Service

Imagine live streaming webcasting events that are easy to execute and truly engaging for your audience. With Two Rivers Meeting Stream Webcasting you can host large online events with streamed audio, streamed audio plus online web content or video streaming content, for a cost-effective way to reach thousands of people with high production reliability and quality.

Whether you're a business or a school, an organization with multiple locations or an individual who's looking to make a big impact with a broad audience or market, you need Two Rivers Meeting Stream Webcasting Service. Just take a look at a few of the many uses and applications of webcasting:

Applications for Meeting Stream Webcasting

Applications for Meeting Stream Webcasting are as endless as your imagination! Frequent uses of Two Rivers Webcasting Service include: Lead Generation Marketing Webinars, Live Virtual Symposiums, On-Demand Training Programs, National Product Launches, e-Learning Programs and All-Hands Corporate Communications, to name just a few. And Meeting Stream Webcasts can be customized with a wide range of interactive features — from surveys and Q&A, to social media sharing.

Meeting Stream Adobe Platform

Imagine being able to connect with partners, clients and employee audiences, anywhere. With Meeting Stream Adobe Platform, you can! Meeting Stream utilizes the flexible and widely utilized Adobe Flash-based platform for delivering streaming video and online graphic content, providing a webcasting platform that can support everything from comprehensive e-learning programs to marketing webinars and custom interactive communications, while enabling you to easily narrowcast to almost anywhere around the world.

Image: Example of a combined audio, web and video Meeting Stream online event.

Enjoy Customized Meeting Stream Features

Let Two Rivers Conferencing Services help your organization make a bold statement and show the world who you are. Meeting Stream can be customized to include a branded interface that reflects your organization's image and messaging. Additional available features include:

  • Simplified sign-in and online registration to increase registrations and attendees
  • Dynamic presentations featuring visually engaging builds and animations
  • Full-screen video and multiple video sourcing options
  • Interactive Question and Answer sessions
  • Live polling — get instant feedback and data from large groups
  • Testing and certification capabilities

Flexible Video Sourcing and Streaming Options

At Two Rivers Conferencing, we know that flexibility is key to good communication. Meeting Stream can accept live video sourcing from a desktop or a video production studio, and supports video recordings, live streaming and international satellite linking with global partners and servers located around the world.

Engineered for Consistently High Quality

Two Rivers Conferencing sets a high standard. Engineered to consistently deliver high quality audio and video streaming, our Meeting Stream webcasting provides an unmatched level of audience engagement.

Meeting Stream can even compensate for users whose technology isn't on par with yours. Designed to detect participants with slow connections, Meeting Stream will automatically disable high-bandwidth video streaming to provide the best possible alternative audio-only experience.

Expand Your Reach Cost-effectively with Meeting Stream Webcasting.
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