Customer Support

Your business is important to us, so we answer each call with a live person instead of an automated voice response system.

Customer Service

Once we receive your request for account setup, it takes only minutes to set up your account. Each account is given a wallet card with the owner’s codes and dial-in information on the front with helpful features on the back. These cards can be branded with your company’s logo as well. If you should experience problems with your call or accessing the bridge, enter “*0” to speak with a live operator that can quickly determine the best way to deal with your problem.

Customized Billing

Two Rivers Conferencing's billing can be customized to reflect the needs of your organization. Our standard billing is rich in detail and is easy to understand. Let us know how you would like your bill to look and our customer service personnel will help design options that can meet your needs.

Customer Service FAQs

  1. How long does it take to set up an account?
    You can expect that your account will be set up in less than 30 minutes during regular business hours. During the weekends and holidays, slightly longer.
  2. When can I expect my bill?
    TRC will bill monthly for calls made during the month.
  3. How can I pay for my conferencing invoice?
    You can pay with check, money order or credit card — American Express, Mastercard, Visa or Discover.
  4. When is my bill due?
    On receipt of invoice.
  5. How many people can be on one call?
  6. What if I start my meeting on a cell phone and get bumped off, will my call drop?
    If you are the moderator and you begin your meeting on a cell phone, use our Call Continuation feature listed on your Basic Instruction Card. If your cell phone drops your signal, the conference will continue until you rejoin. It is a good practice to let your group know that there may be a chance that your cell will drop. However, just redial the call and you will be placed back into conference.
  7. I need to know exactly who is on my call and I do not want others attending that haven’t been invited. How can I be sure that my call is secure?
    Using TR Portal, you can run your call from your internet browser. Just request your pass code and we will run through a brief demo of the feature. You can mute/unmute, see and print out the list of participants and more. We can also set up your account to have security on it. Once you have your party assemble, run roll call, and if everyone is on the call that should be, use your feature keys to secure your conference. No one will be able to join you by mistake.
  8. Do I have to let someone know when I want to make a call?
    No. You may make as many calls as necessary with no advance calls to Two Rivers. However, if you are planning a large event, you should call us to let us know the details of that call.



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