Call Volume Growth & Positive Feedback Confirms Value of TRC Services

Two Rivers Conferencing has experienced an increase in monthly conference call volume of fifteen percent (15%) or more since the beginning of 2013 thanks mostly to the value our customers associate with using our services. Recent survey responses show one hundred percent (100%) of our respondents report they are “highly satisfied” with our services with a substantial percentage (87%) indicating they are “very likely” to continue using our services in the future. The combination of these positive events confirms TRC's service capacity and range of service features meet our customers' needs.

Our services allowed existing moderators to conduct individual conference calls attended by up to one hundred or more (300 maximum) participants using the same toll free access numbers and conference codes as used in the past. These larger conference calls also allow moderators to launch an integrated web conference offering a full set of command and control functions plus an ability to provide simultaneous streaming video images of up to ten presenters via separately purchased and installed Logitech® web cams.

TRC's service also allows our customers the option of utilizing Adobe® Acrobat Connect™ Pro; Microsoft® Office® Live Meeting; and, Cisco WebEx™ meeting solutions at discounted rates. Please contact TRC's customer service representatives at 1-866-649-1700 to discuss your access and use of these alternative meeting solutions.

TRC continues to offer enhanced services in addition to the above mentioned services. One such enhanced service offering includes a call alerting function that enables customers to build and directly manage telephone, fax or email contact lists used to alert customers and emergency response teams of important events then track the real time responses given by recipients via an internet connected PC, laptop or PDA device.

In short, all of TRC's customers will continue to have access to a world class set of highly valued communications solutions to assist them in better “managing the flow of communications” within their organization. These solutions could only be made possible through TRC's astonishing track record of growth combined with the favorable feedback received by its customers. Our goal now is that our customers and strategic partners derive the greatest benefit on their continued use of our services.

Happy Conferencing!

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