Living Up to Our Slogan with Preassigned Accounts

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  • Living Up to Our slogan with Preassigned Accounts
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Welcome to the TRC newsletter, a quarterly newsletter providing information on the services, features and competitive advantages of Two Rivers Conferencing to our valued customers.

Summer is Upon Us!

It is clear that summer is here as temperatures heat up and people look for the nearest water source- i.e.: pool, beach, or lake. Kids are getting out of school, graduation parties ensue, and you're wondering where to spend your next vacation days. While we can't answer that, we can tell you that our focus will be on you this month. For the entire month of June we will be celebrating you- our customer!

Expect Great Things! We want to thank you for your continued support and business by showing you we care. Whether it's a batch of your favorite cookies, a trip to your local Starbucks, or a free lunch for your office- we will be reaching out to see what we can do to make your summer just a little bit better.

Clean it Up!

Since business tends to slow a bit during summer months, we plan to take full advantage of a little down time. Please look at the items below as we want to ensure we have your account as up to date as possible!

  • Address
  • Point of contact
  • Phone number
  • Billing contact
  • Conference ID users
  • Email addresses

Please feel free to reach out to your account manager in order to get the most recent copy of your account spreadsheet. We are happy to make any needed changes for you!

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Living up to Our Slogan with Preassigned Accounts

Two Rivers Conferencing's slogan, “Managing the Flow of Communications”, has been a part of the company since its founding in 2005. This statement constantly challenges us to assist our clients in finding ways to keep their use of our services under control so that the many social and organizational benefits of the teleconferencing medium are not offset by an inability to easily access our services; associate its use with specific clients or departments; or, fully integrate our services with our clients' promotional strategies.

Past newsletters have shared examples of service features that assist our clients in managing the flow of communications. These include:

  • Toll Free Reservationless conferencing that is available to all our moderators on a 24X7X365 basis
  • Private Labeling of invoices, moderator wallet cards and introductory literature
  • The use of account billing codes to track and associate conference events with specific client matter numbers or project codes
  • Customized conference bridge annunciator greetings at the start of every conference event

A long standing client recently requested we assist him improve on his ability to manage the flow of communications by allowing instant creation of moderator accounts for newly hired or promoted managers within his organization. We met this challenge by providing our client with a number of preassigned moderator accounts. Use of this approach allows our client to offer immediate access to our services by simply handing or emailing our account access information to a management team member then notifying us via telephone or email of the assignment change. Please note that TRC does not charge its clients for creating or maintaining a list of preassigned accounts. However, we do invoice our clients on the use of any services by these accounts.

We encourage all our customers to make TRC's slogan and these related service features a part of every new hire orientation.

Happy Memorial Day 2013

In MEMORY of all those that served and are now gone. In APPRECIATION of all that our veterans have done to keep us safe.

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If you require additional information or further assistance regarding the information provided, please contact us at 1-866-649-1700 or via email at

May 24, 2013


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