Redesigned Website ( Enhances Customer Experience

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Welcome to the TRC Sales Notebook, a quarterly newsletter providing information on the services, features and competitive advantages of Two Rivers Conferencing to our valued customers.

Redesigned Website ( Enhances Customer Experience

Two Rivers Conferencing has redesigned its website to improve our internet presence and make it easier for our customers to educate prospective users about our services. TRC began the project in May 2012 by assembling a team of highly qualified independent website development contactors with extensive work experience at major Conference Service Providers. The team's original goal was to create a website that would lead prospective users to our website as a result of entering a wide ranging list of keywords on their favorite internet search engine. This project was subsequently expanded to create an attractive website design that encouraged prospective users to participate in a free trial of TRC's services by educating visitors on TRC's wide range of services and the benefits these services bring to a variety of vertical markets. The site was officially launched in October 2012 and can be directly accessed at

We strongly encourage our customers to familiarize themselves with the content of our new website and encourage prospective users to visit the site to get fully informed about the benefits of becoming a Moderator. Please also remind the prospect user to include the referring employee's name in the “Comments” section of our “Thirty Day Free Trial” request as this information will make it easier to acknowledge the referring employee for the increased use of our services!

Customers may also use the site to educate prospective Dealers on the benefits of adding TRC to their list of vendor partners as seen in the “Partners” tab.

Finally, we look forward to receiving your feedback on the usefulness of our redesigned website and any suggestions you may have on improving the site's effectiveness.

Donate your Story So We Can Donate to Your Charity

During 2013 we are looking for new ways to educate our clients on the benefits others derive from their use of audio, web and videoconference services. We believe your experience as a conference call host, moderator or participant could provide others with helpful insights on the value of teleconferencing along with tips on how to make conference calls more effective and engaging. In return we will donate $50 to a charity of your choice as a reward for having your article selected for publication in an upcoming edition of our quarterly newsletter during 2013. On June 1, 2013 we will also select our “Best of the Best” among all submitted stories then donate $500 to the author's selected charity along with a commemorative plaque celebrating your success!

We are excited to present the first story selected among many others to appear in this edition of our newsletter! The contributor's name and company affiliation has not been identified per the contributor's request. However, the story is real and a contribution of $50 has been made in the contributor's name to their requested charity, EIF Revlon Run/Walk for Women. We have also placed this story into consideration for selection in our “Best of the Best” award category.

If you have a story to share, please submit it before the submission deadline of 5:00 pm CT on Friday May 31,2013.

Our First Donated Story: Introducing Conference Services To New Hires

When I first started at my job 10 years ago I received a phone call from a young sales person who kept telling me about the benefits of Reservationless conferencing and the beauty of the “Post Conference Report.” I was not easy to impress and it took a few years but we finally adopted the principle and have now integrated this service in our new hire training environment.

We created an easy to remember format and added the information to all user address books. We added the benefits of the service such as never having to call each time you have a conference call to make a reservation. We also emphasized the Post Conference Report as a security measure; in case they didn't make a call or saw a number that was not familiar on the Report.

When new arrivals come in the first thing they want to know about is how to make a conference call. I discuss with them at length about Reservationless conferencing and the benefits listed above. I understand that this is one of the first tasks they are given when they arrive and setting up a call couldn't be easier.

Contact Us

If you require additional information or further assistance regarding the information provided, please contact us at 1-866-649-1700 or via email at

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