Disconnection Protection, Entry Sentry, and Outstanding Branding

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Springtime has come to Chicago land and seemingly everyone is busy outside their homes and offices trying make the most of these fair weather days with planting and landscaping improvements. We thought this might be the ideal time to plant a few seeds of our own in the form of tips to enhance and improve your conference call experience in the weeks and months ahead. Almost all of our suggestions are available to our clients unless noted otherwise.

Disconnection Protection

All conference calls terminate when the Host hangs up his or her telephone. We occasionally receive reports that a Host has unintentionally ended a conference event by accidentally turning off their speakerphone or experiencing a dropped connection from their cell phone provider. Our Conference Continuation Feature can provide protection from accidental conference call terminations by allowing the conference call to continue without the Host in attendance. The host may activate this feature by entering * 8 at any time during the conference call. A voice prompt confirms feature activation and states the feature can be de-activated by entering * 8 again. The Host is allowed to exit and rejoin the conference call many times knowing that the conference will only stop after the last connected participant has hung up his or her telephone.

Entry Sentry

Keeping track of newly arriving or departing participants can make the task of managing a conference call easier and less distracting to all involved. This is often the reason why many new Moderators are provided with entry and exit tones when we set up a new user account. Our service also allows the Moderator to temporarily eliminate entry and exit tones by entering * 3 and following the prompts. Other Moderators may choose to activate our Name Announce feature using this same activation code. These features de-activate automatically at the end of your conference call or, if you prefer, we can add them permanently to your Moderator profile at no additional charge...

Outstanding Branding

Companies and organizations regularly invest substantial sums of money in promoting their brand name and logo in a variety of ways ranging from building signs and trade show banners to business cards, stationery and coffee mugs. We offer yet another way of promoting your positive image to customers and employees through the creation of a customized greeting on our conference bridging services. Rather than hearing, “Welcome to ReservationlessPlus Conferencing,” upon dialing your toll free conference access number; participants can be greeted with, “Welcome to the XYZ company conference center.” Best of all, there is no charge for creating a customized greeting with the assistance of our service representative. Please note that creating a customized greeting will likely take a few weeks to implement.

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