TRC's Forecast For 2014: MORE GROWTH!

Thanks mostly to our Dealers and Sales Representatives, Two Rivers Conferencing started 2013 with great expectations for growth and finished the year with actual results that exceeded our expectations. Our enthusiasm for growth in 2013 was fueled by a 126% growth in billable minutes during 2012 and an economic environment that pointed to sustained use of conferencing services among TRC's newly acquired base of customers. Our belief in these factors compelled us to set a goal of 10% growth in 2013. As of the date of this newsletter, TRC has experienced a 15% growth in billable minutes in 2013 and has set its sites on achieving 15% growth again in 2014. Our confidence in achieving this important goal stems from two important factors.

First, many of our customers are on solid financial ground having survived one of the most challenging economic environments in recent memory. Most point to their cost effective utilization of technology (including teleconferencing) as a means to surviving and thriving while others in their industry have fallen or failed. Not a single TRC client went out of business in 2013! We expect our strong base of customers will adhere to and increase their use of these good practices in the months ahead as the global recession continues to subside and better economic times return.

Second, our Sales Representatives have gained valuable experience over the years and practical knowledge about how to position and sell the value of TRC's services in their respective markets. In 2013, our TRC Sales Representatives used their relationship building skills to retain the audio conferencing business of our customers resulting in no competitive losses among our Dealer clients! We believe many similar and perhaps stronger relationships will sustain our track record of growth in 2014.

We thank all of our Sales Representatives for their enthusiastic support over the years and especially in 2013. We wish all of them continued prosperity in the coming year 2014 and in all the years of this still very young decade.

May all of you enjoy Happy Holidays!

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We have previously announced a new video that provides an overview of TRC's history and capabilities. This video has been successfully used as a primer for introductory meetings and business networking events. The new video is posted on our web site and can easily be downloaded by dealers and prospects. It is six minutes in length and explains the key elements of our service provider business offerings: audio conferencing, web conferencing, and events conferencing. We believe this brochure will be useful in explaining what TRC is and what we do at a high level.

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December 19, 2013


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