Assess, Design and Deploy the right Unified Communication Solution

Two Rivers Conferencing now delivers Microsoft Lync. MS Lync is a fully scalable, end-to-end Hosted Unified Communications portfolio which includes IP Telephony Voice, Presence, Instant Messaging, Audio/Video/Web Conferencing as well as a leading range of Endpoints. Our Unified Desktop (UD) delivers a range of robust communication tools like Microsoft Lync, Exchange Server 2010, SharePoint and CRM. These are available as standalone deployments or as part of a more scalable offering, allowing our customers to maximize efficiency and business productivity while reducing costs.

TRC is unique for its service delivery capabilities of Lync Server 2010. Through our strategic partners we have integrated the very best technology experts with specialist knowledge in Voice (VoIP, PSTN and PBX related protocols), Cloud migration considerations and Unified Communications. This allows TRC to deliver end-to-end Professional Services working with you to Assess, Design and Deploy the right Unified Communications platform for your client's business.

Features & Benefits:

  • Reduce long distance travel and call costs through VoIP
  • Improve productivity with rich presence information
  • Enable remote working
  • Increase responsiveness to customers
  • Real-time presence for call routing
  • Single user experience across multiple communication options

Here is what one of our largest customers had
to say about their use of Microsoft Lync:

“We were thrilled to have Lync installed in our office. It's easy to use for regular calls, adding people to a call, connecting to co-workings, etc. Also, if you are searching the web on a company, you can simply click on the phone link and automatically be dialed in. It's a click of the mouse dialing which makes everything so much easier and faster. We took it a step further and added employee photos to the system so that when you receive an internal call, their photo pops up and you immediately know who you are talking to. When working for a larger company, it's great putting a face to a voice. I no longer have a phone sitting at my desk. You simply turn your computer on and when your phone rings through your computer, I put on my headset and take the caller. It's so simple. Another great feature is the texting feature. If you are trying to get a hold of someone and they are on the phone already, you can send them a text message which pops up. They can answer you while still on the phone... multitasking. It's great for emergencies. If you are thinking about getting Lync, just get it. You won't be sorry!”

We encourage all our Dealers and Independent Sales Representatives to consider recommending Microsoft Lync to their clients.

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