Conference Calling Enhances Strategic Partnerships

TRC's larger clients already value our services as a reliable technology for:

  1. Saving time otherwise spent travelling to attend face to face meetings
  2. Efficient problem solving and effective team building
  3. Creating more cohesive management teams and corporate cultures

Some of these same customers have discovered conference calling can also be a valuable strategic asset for enhancing business partnerships with vendors, industry allies and customers! Some offer our services to their vendors as a means of taking the pain out of lower pricing demands by reducing the vendor's cost of operations. Others offer our services to industry allies who strengthen industry efforts at promoting public awareness and positive perception of the industry's economic and social contributions by hosting town hall meetings; conducting “Lunch 'N Learn” events; or initiating professional certification programs.

One of our largest clients also offers our services to their customers thus contributing to profitable growth resulting in more demand for our client's products and services while creating more barriers for potential competitors to overcome! In addition to these many strategic benefits our clients also enjoy lower rates as a result of dramatically increasing their overall volume of billable minutes with TRC.

TRC offers many unique features to enhance our customers' ability to use conference calling in strategic partnerships. These include:

  • Detailed invoicing that allows our customers to monitor and associate the use of our services by individual strategic partners.
  • Privately Labeling each strategic partner's service program and uniquely brand each program to the specific partner's needs.
  • Creating reseller programs that enable our customers to earn profits on the use of our services turning “Cost Centers” into “Profit Centers!”

We encourage all our Dealers and Sales Representatives to engage our clients in a discussion about their strategic partnership programs. Then point out the ways our conference calling services can dramatically enhance those programs. We look forward to hearing about these conversations and assisting all in responding with TRC's support.

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