Conference Traffic Volumes Remaining Atypically Strong

There are two axioms regarding teleconference services. The first is that conference calling is a seasonal business with call volumes rising in the autumn months as businesses focus attention on making a last ditch effort at achieving their annual goals prior to the end of the fiscal year. This volume of activity is sustained in the first few months of the new fiscal year as businesses conduct conference calls announcing the strategies and plans geared at achieving greater success in the months ahead. However, between Memorial Day and Labor Day conference call traffic volumes slow significantly as managers and workers start their summer vacations resulting in fewer and less well attended teleconference meeting events.

The second axiom is that conference calling traffic volumes increase during periods of economic downturns due mostly to the cost saving advantages of using conference calls as an alternative to business travel. Organizational efficiency also contributes to this growth as businesses flatten organizational reporting structures to achieve higher levels of business efficiency and managers find conference calls to be a very effective tool for keeping their increased numbers of direct reports informed and involved about changes in their workplace. This axiom also holds that these increased conference traffic volumes will be sustained during and after the economy recovers from a downturn and again operates at "normal" levels. This sustained activity results largely from the good habits developed during tough times as business managers continue their use of regularly scheduled conference calls as a means of keeping workers informed and positively engaged with the activities of their workplace.

Recent events at Two Rivers Conferencing brought both these axioms to mind. Our traffic volumes have remained very strong throughout the summer of 2013 indicating that summer vacation plans have taken a back seat to having workers and their managers involved with attending conference calls! Furthermore, we expect this pace of activity will increase as more workers are added to the payrolls of businesses that are in recovery mode. We strongly believe that our already strong conference volumes will increase even more after Labor Day. Fortunately, TRC has more than enough capacity to handle this anticipated increase as we utilize a service platform that can handle traffic volumes two or three times larger than the highest volume of conference calls ever achieved by our customers!!

We encourage all our Dealers and Sales Representatives to engage their clients in conversations about the beneficial use of audio, web and videoconference technologies during the recent economic downturn and their plans to sustain and increase the good habits of communicating openly in the weeks and months ahead. It is a discussion which can lead to better results for all of us.

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