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Maximize Your Organization's Potential by Encouraging Responsiveness

In his book “Legendary Service - The Key Is to Care” author Patrick Blanchard boldly states, “Being responsive to your customers goes hand in hand with being attentive to their needs and preferences.”

He then provides compelling examples on the way service providers can demonstrate a genuine willingness to serve customers as they fulfill their individual needs. These include listening to concerns and needs; taking care of problems right away; showing the customer that you are on their side. Blanchard also describes how managers can engage team members to contribute ideas for providing better customer service through the use of a customer service model based on the acronym ICARE.

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Maximize Your Organization's Potential with Empowerment

In his book “Legendary Service - The Key Is to Care” author Patrick Blanchard boldly states, “The more empowered the frontline people in an organization are, the happier the external customers are going to be, because their needs are being met.”

He then provides compelling examples of what makes people feel empowered on the job. Examples provided include the following:


November 11, 2014 | Categories: , , , , , , , , | Tags: Audio Conferencing, Conference Calls, Empowerment, ICARE, Kenneth Blanchard, LCS, Legendary Customer Service Team, Legendary Service, Meetings, The Key is to Care, Web Conferencing
Conference Call Etiquette

Many business people have questions about the proper etiquette to use when hosting or participating in a conference call. While many have weighed in on this issue, there is no one set of definitive rules governing proper conduct of a conference event. We would like to offer the following suggestions as guidelines for consideration by anyone required to host/moderate or requested to participate on a conference call.

Guidelines for hosts / moderators:

  • Get comfortable with the fact you will be talking in front of a group and receiving no visual cues or feedback.
  • Set up the meeting in advance and communicate the dial in number, pass codes and other information. “Spring forward, fall back” is something to keep in mind for your time zone crossing colleagues. Hint: Check on the Internet or even phone a colleague in that country and ask what time it is!
  • Start the meeting absolutely on time; don't reward latecomers' bad behavior by waiting for them. Take a roll call at the start of the meeting, highlighting the missing attendees.
  • Treat the conference call as if it were a meeting. You know the routine; prepare and circulate an agenda, take notes, publish meeting minutes, and identify the date and time of the next scheduled meeting.
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Who, Where, Why, What, How, When?

Surprising your conference call participants with questions can result in embarrassing delays as they search for an appropriate response. Fortunately, these awkward moments can be prevented entirely and for all time by having conference event moderators adopt the practice of alerting participants in advance of their required contribution to the group's discussion. Like all good habits, adopting this practice requires discipline and practice. One respected approach identifies seven basic steps that we have applied to the circumstances of a conference event moderator:

March 13, 2014 | Categories: , , , , , | Tags: conference calls, conference event moderator, moderator, participants

In its early days, teleconferencing industry technology required that Conference Service Providers schedule their customers' conference calls in advance then greet each arriving participant before placing and announcing them onto the conference call. All that changed with the arrival of “Toll Free Reservationless Conference Calling” in the mid-1990s! Conference users can initiate a conference event today at their earliest possible convenience and allow participants to join the event immediately after entering the correct conference code.

March 11, 2014 | Categories: , , | Tags: conference calls, Conference Service Providers, efficiency, Name Announce feature, teleconferencing, Two Rivers Conferencing
People in a Meeting

Meetings held on audio, web and video conference calls are one of the common ways that many of us get work done on the job. We may discuss issues, share new information and make important decisions in meetings. However, conference calls can also be one of the ways that time is wasted in the workplace. A timed agenda can be a great way of keeping meetings on track and making sure that meetings not only begin and end on time, but that each topic also gets its just allotted time. We believe that the use of a timed agenda can also serve as a helpful training and recognition opportunity that can remove the burden placed upon the conference call moderator or host for developing and managing the conference meeting's timed agenda. These opportunities are highlighted in bold print below.

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Meeting in Paradise

To quote Benjamin Franklin, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” This saying has significant relevance when considering the value of conducting conference calls on a fixed schedule basis. Many of Two Rivers Conferencing's clients conduct daily, weekly or monthly conference calls attended by management team members as a way to “manage by talking around” the recurring issues and challenges that these team members share in common. They find that, through these scheduled calls, they can very effectively assist one another in permanently resolving issues. Examples include:

February 20, 2014 | Categories: , , , | Tags: conference calls, law firms, management team, sales organizations, service departments, trucking companies

A long-time customer of Two Rivers Conferencing recently shared a story with us about a recent conference call they hosted that was very different from the day-to-day business conference calls they regularly attend. Because this story deals with something that I think many of us can relate to, we want to thank the customer for sharing it with us and allowing us to share it with you. Because we can't tell their story any better, we've posted the complete letter below.

Dear Two Rivers Conferencing,

I had the occasion to recently use my Two Rivers automated audio conferencing service for a family teleconference call that was very different from my typical calls with partners and clients. I'm not sure how often your services are used for similar types of calls, but I thought you might be interested in hearing about it.

December 12, 2013 | Categories: , ,

If you are looking for recent industry trends and data on work-place telecommuting, look no further than the July 2012 article in the Industry Market Trends (IMT) blog at News: Working Together by Working Apart: The Telecommuting Culture by Ilya Leybovich, which very nicely summarizes a wealth of data on telecommuting from many different sources, including an Ipsos/Reuters poll of over 11,000 people in 24 countries, including the United States. Here is just a small sampling from that January 2012 survey that reflects impacts on worker efficiency and employee morale:

February 15, 2013 | Categories: , , ,


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