Tracking Results to Maximize Business Potential

Tracking Results to Maximize Business Potential

The most successful organizations in the world are also those who apply the most rigor to reviewing results against plan and providing guidance and training to ensure plans are met. That which gets measured, gets done! Audio and web conferencing are great ways to perform these reviews with individuals and functional groups throughout your company in a way that provides uniform dissemination of information while eliminating the need for travel to accomplish these purposes. Some common areas where this could be applied include:

Sales Force Meetings

Sales leaders know they must manage their sales personnel closely in order to achieve their sales goals. Common sales management techniques include reviews of activities such as phone calls, emails, site visits, forecasts, proposals, product/service demonstrations, etc. These reviews take time and any time spent on them is time away from selling. Audio and video conferencing provide effective means of performing these reviews while minimizing interruption of the sales process. Conferences can take place any time and anywhere without requiring travel. Sales managers can spend more time on these reviews and go into greater detail than before because travel time has been eliminated. This method also allows geographically distributed sales teams to learn from each other since all can participate in the same session and hear the guidance each is being given by management.

Field Service Reviews

Many organizations have installation and service personnel distributed throughout the country to serve their customers as quickly and efficiently as possible. These personnel must be managed closely to ensure they are responding in timely fashion and performing their service functions efficiently and effectively. As with the sales force, any time spent reviewing activities with the service team is time away from servicing their customers. These reviews can be performed most efficiently via audio and video conferencing. This method minimizes time away from servicing customers and maximizes time spent reinforcing best practices, and as noted above with sales teams, all service personnel can learn from each other as they jointly participate in these reviews.

Sales and Service Training and Certification

Sales and Field Service teams require constant training and guidance on best practices, new methods and technology, overcoming objections, timesaving tips, avoidance of common pitfalls and the like. Audio and video conferencing offers a great platform for performing this training in a way that detracts the least from ongoing activities and disseminates the information to sales and service personnel who are distributed geographically around the country. Managers can drive more uniformity into their organizations by sharing success stories and competitive information and learning from activities that were less than successful.

Strategic Planning Process

Most organizations perform an annual strategic planning process where they review the previous year's results and set objectives for the coming year. Effective strategic planning is not done in organizational silos but rather with an end to end focus, making sure every group's activities support the company's overall goals. The only way to ensure end to end alignment of objectives is to engage every functional organization in a common planning process. If the organization has multiple offices this can be a challenging project to accomplish effectively. Audio and web conferencing effectively bridge geographically distributed organizations to bring a common message to and solicit input from all.

Strategic Plan Checkpoints

While many organizations undergo an annual strategic planning process, too many of them put that plan on a shelf and forget about it for the next twelve months. A plan is only effective if it is worked and reviewed regularly. As the saying goes, do not expect what you don't inspect. Successful businesses continually review progress against their strategic plan and adjust accordingly. Audio and web conferencing can be used to effectively solicit status updates from functional organizations, provide guidance to them and allow multiple functional organizations to learn from each other as they jointly participate in these sessions.

Employee Performance Reviews

Many effective organizations perform annual performance reviews with their employees to provide coaching and feedback, to officially notify those whose performance is falling below expected standards, and to formulate a basis for promotions and salary treatment. Successful organizations take this process seriously since an effective workforce is the cornerstone of everything they do. Audio and video conferencing allows managers and HR personnel to effectively perform reviews and provide feedback to geographically distributed employees while minimizing time spent away from activities that support the corporate mission.

The complete offering of conferencing services Two Rivers Conferencing provides can help you with tracking results, performance and the meeting business objectives. Call us today at (866) 649-1700 for more information on how to maximize your business potential.

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