Maximize Your Organization's Potential with Weekly Staff Meetings

Maximize Your Organization's Potential with Weekly Staff Meetings

We all cringe at the thought of sitting through yet another weekly meeting in which we hash out the events of the seven days and discuss what each team member feels is top priority moving forward. These meetings can seem mundane and tiresome as can the time spent creating an agenda leading up to them. In “The Advantage” Patrick Lencioni addresses how to eliminate the fuss and capitalize on time to ensure your dreaded weekly meeting not only serves purpose, but makes it enjoyable.

According to Lencioni “there is no more valuable activity in any organization than the regular staff meeting of a leadership team.” He has designated weekly or bi-weekly meetings for tactical purposes. These meetings are to quickly create a real-time agenda and assess top priorities. The challenge is evaluating the importance of each priority brought up by team members while eliminating topic distractions.

Lencioni suggests assessing progress and priorities by using a simple color code system. Green being good, yellow- ok, and red needing the most immediate attention. Creating a real-time agenda in a meeting while utilizing a color code system allows the team to bring priorities to the table and then collectively rate their status and importance. Using the above process also helps structure meetings so that time is used wisely and not wasted on other topics that should be reserved for a different meeting space.

By eliminating time spent on distracting topics and focusing on the agenda created in the weekly meeting, the team feels accomplished and ready to move forward with the tasks at hand. Time is not wasted, progress is made, and team members might even look forward to next week's meeting.

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