Maximize Your Organization's Potential with Quarterly Reviews

Maximize Your Organization's Potential with Quarterly Reviews

Our fourth article on effective meetings focuses on the quarterly review meeting. Author Patrick Lencioni strongly advocates the use of quarterly leadership team meetings in his book “The Advantage – Why Organizational Health Trumps Everything Else in Business”. Regarding this meeting form he states, “Activities that should be addressed during these meetings should include reviewing the organization's strategic anchors and thematic goals, assessing the performance of key employees, discussing industry changes and competitive threats and, of course, reviewing the behaviors of the team members in regard to cohesiveness.”

Lencioni recommends the use of an outside consultant or leader of the executive team to participate as a member, organize the meeting and facilitate the discussion. He advises executives to step back and revisit the four disciplines covered in his book: team, clarity, communication, and human systems. The author advises that every organization spend two days each quarter for these developmental review meetings.

Two Rivers Conferencing has noticed many of our strategic partners operate healthy organizations utilizing Lencioni's guidance in their strategies for profitably growing their businesses. One such organization is F.M. Valenti (FMV), a Boston based multi-generational Manufacturer's Representative company. FMV's President & CEO, Steve Valenti, routinely conducts quarterly review meetings with his leadership team.

Steve serves as the meeting leader and has found many of his team members possess the knowledge and expertise needed to identify significant shifts in the competitive landscape. He then uses this combined knowledge to facilitate discussions aimed at developing new strategies to address these shifts. Steve adds that it is often helpful to host the meetings at the offices of vendors or other strategic partners whenever possible and to include representatives from those organizations in the discussion.

Two Rivers Conferencing's toll free reservationless conference services perfectly complements this healthy organization practice! Our service requires no advance reservation and always has abundant capacity to accommodate your timing for a quarterly review meeting regardless of the number of team members involved. Best of all, we offer a wide range of fully integrated audio and web conference solutions to enable the sharing of graphs, charts and other visual information to enhance the understanding of all participants. We strongly encourage all our customers to get into the habit of using quarterly review meetings to stay current on the latest trends impacting their industry and organization.

If you are not a customer, we invite you to sign-up for a 30-day free trial or call us at 1-866-649-1700.

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