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Maximize Your Organization's Potential with Unified Communications

Today's workplace is global and dispersed. Businesses need seamless collaboration that merges all forms of communication including voice and data. In our global work environment, meetings are held at multiple locations and varied times. Documents need to be shared for effective management and decision-making. Calendars have to be accessed quickly so meetings can be coordinated with geographically dispersed participants. Bottom-line, communications needs to be fast, efficient and flexible while using resources in the most cost effective manner.

Enter Unified Communications (UC) which integrates communication services in a cost effective real-time way. UC unites audio and video conferencing, instant messaging, presence information, telephony, document sharing, call control and unified messaging (integrated voice mail, email and fax) all under an integrated communication service.

UC is not a single product, but a set of products and services that allow the end users to communicate using different communication modes. It basically brings together all forms of communication under one umbrella. You can send a message using one communication form and receive the same communication in another medium. The user can receive a voice mail message and access it through email, for example. You can now conduct business communication seamlessly and efficiently using a wide range of integrated communication methods.

UC is both real-time and non-real-time communications. You can check and get email and voicemail from any device for communication, no matter the time. The elements in UC include: Video and audio conferencing, presence (locating recipients real-time), call control, IM, unified messaging, collaboration, mobility and software for business process integration.

The benefits of UC are enormous in terms of productivity, time savings, utilization of resources and travel reduction. Conferencing and collaboration increase productivity. Presence allows you to reach clients and colleagues quickly. Telepresence unites diverse groups reducing the need for travel. Unified messaging increases message management efficiency. Mobile communications allows you to work faster and connect quickly. Unified Communications is a total way to integrate the business process to achieve maximize potential.

This instant communication connectivity saves money and time. One source states that over 50% of companies using UC have a savings of 3 hours a week per mobile worker. To reap the true benefits of Unified Communications view the service not as a set of features, but instead as a way to effectively communicate and collaborate. Unified Communications can help your business effectively solve problems and make business decisions.

Are you excited at the possibilities? You should be! Two Rivers Conferencing Unified Communication services can help you grow your business and maximize business potential. Call us today at 866-649-1700 for more information on our service.

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