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Integrating New Technologies with Audio Conferencing

Audio conferencing in various forms has been around for a long time. There are few in the business world who have not participated in an audio conference at one time or another, whether it was a toll-free reservationless call, an operator assisted event call or an audio call in conjunction with a web conference or webinar. In fact audio conferencing has been around for so long it is sometimes considered old news compared to newer technologies such as web conferencing and the various forms of video conferencing (room-based video, desktop video, mobile video, etc.). It would be easy to assume that audio conferencing is a mature technology that has had no new developments for some time as everyone's attention has turned to flashier alternatives. That assumption is wrong!

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Maximize Your Organization's Potential with Unified Communications

Today's workplace is global and dispersed. Businesses need seamless collaboration that merges all forms of communication including voice and data. In our global work environment, meetings are held at multiple locations and varied times. Documents need to be shared for effective management and decision-making. Calendars have to be accessed quickly so meetings can be coordinated with geographically dispersed participants. Bottom-line, communications needs to be fast, efficient and flexible while using resources in the most cost effective manner.

Enter Unified Communications (UC) which integrates communication services in a cost effective real-time way. UC unites audio and video conferencing, instant messaging, presence information, telephony, document sharing, call control and unified messaging (integrated voice mail, email and fax) all under an integrated communication service.

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Maximize Your Organization's Potential with Quarterly Reviews

Our fourth article on effective meetings focuses on the quarterly review meeting. Author Patrick Lencioni strongly advocates the use of quarterly leadership team meetings in his book “The Advantage – Why Organizational Health Trumps Everything Else in Business”. Regarding this meeting form he states, “Activities that should be addressed during these meetings should include reviewing the organization's strategic anchors and thematic goals, assessing the performance of key employees, discussing industry changes and competitive threats and, of course, reviewing the behaviors of the team members in regard to cohesiveness.”

Lencioni recommends the use of an outside consultant or leader of the executive team to participate as a member, organize the meeting and facilitate the discussion. He advises executives to step back and revisit the four disciplines covered in his book: team, clarity, communication, and human systems. The author advises that every organization spend two days each quarter for these developmental review meetings.

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Maximize Your Organization's Potential with Weekly Staff Meetings

We all cringe at the thought of sitting through yet another weekly meeting in which we hash out the events of the seven days and discuss what each team member feels is top priority moving forward. These meetings can seem mundane and tiresome as can the time spent creating an agenda leading up to them. In “The Advantage” Patrick Lencioni addresses how to eliminate the fuss and capitalize on time to ensure your dreaded weekly meeting not only serves purpose, but makes it enjoyable.

According to Lencioni “there is no more valuable activity in any organization than the regular staff meeting of a leadership team.” He has designated weekly or bi-weekly meetings for tactical purposes. These meetings are to quickly create a real-time agenda and assess top priorities. The challenge is evaluating the importance of each priority brought up by team members while eliminating topic distractions.

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