Maximize Your Organization's Potential with Adhoc Topical Meetings

Maximize Your Organization's Potential with Adhoc Topical Meetings

Continuing our discussion on effective meetings, Patrick Lencioni in his book “The Advantage — Why Organizational Health Trumps Everything Else in Business” said, “The highpoint of being a leader in an organization is wrestling with difficult decisions and situations. Truncating those high points just doesn't make sense.” Lencioni makes a strong case for the utilization of adhoc topical meetings where management digs into the critical issues that can have a long term impact on an organization or that require significant time and energy.

According to Lencioni, managers should separate their tactical conversations from their strategic ones. Combining the tactical and strategic conversations just doesn't work and leaves both set of issues inadequately addressed. He further states that if leadership goes more than a month without a strategic meeting, something is probably wrong.

Two Rivers Conferencing utilizes Lencioni's guidance in its strategies for profitably growing our revenues. We routinely conduct adhoc topical meetings with our strategic advisor Harry Walls of Sage Harbor Consulting. We convene an adhoc topical meeting whenever Harry identifies a strategic opportunity for immediate consideration. This meeting is chaired by our Managing Partner, with our President & CEO and selected members of his finance, accounting and business operations team in attendance. Using this approach allows us the opportunity to fully evaluate Harry's opportunity in light of current business developments and other ongoing initiatives.

Harry tells us this approach provides him with much needed background information and invaluable “big picture guidance” that determines the next steps in his process of taking his strategy from the drawing board to real world implementation. He also uses our input to gain credibility with the other players whose contributions are a factor in the project's success.

Two Rivers Conferencing's toll free reservationless conference services perfectly complements this healthy organization practice! Our service requires no advance reservation and always has abundant capacity to accommodate your timing for an adhoc topical meeting regardless of the number of team members involved. Best of all, we offer a wide range of fully integrated audio and web conference solutions to enable the sharing of graphs, charts and other visual information to enhance the understanding of all participants.

We strongly encourage all our customers to get into the habit of using adhoc topical meetings to clear the backlog of critical issues that need to be addressed. If you are not a customer, we invite you to sign-up for a free 30 day trial or call us at 1-866-649-1700.

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