How Web Conferencing Can Close Sales

Web Conferencing Can Close Sales

In a sales environment where representatives need to keep meetings with people in Arizona at 11am and then with others in New York 30 minutes later, webinars and web conferencing are king. On a daily basis we meet with decision makers to go over contracts, clarify customizations and demonstrate industry leading software solutions — all from our offices in Chicago.

Recently we took on a new strategy with our webinar technology and began hosting mass webinars on a regular basis. With these events we are able to:

  • Take polls and ask survey questions
  • Field written questions from attendees for subject matter experts
  • Get basic contact information from attendees (Name, Position, Email, Company)
  • Pull detailed reports about the attendees, based on their answers, to use in follow up conversations after the event

Not only is this a fantastic way to demonstrate our product to several decision makers at once, but we also gain important insights into their organization that help shorten our sales cycle and provide value in our initial one-on-one follow up conversations.

Have you used Web Conferencing to close a sale? We'd love to hear your story.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can use web conferencing to shorten your sales cycle, contact us and sign up for a free trial. We are happy to help!

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