The Importance of No Hidden Charges and No-Frills Pricing in Conferencing Services

No Hidden Charges

Prior to launching its Conference Service Provider business, the founding executives at Two Rivers Conferencing conducted a substantial number of interviews among a wide variety of other service providers' customers. The information gained from these interviews guided us in almost every aspect of our operating technology and service provisioning processes. We took special note of the almost unanimous dissatisfaction expressed about recurring monthly fees and hidden costs that appeared in every new CSP invoice! These included:

  • Ongoing monthly account fees regardless of actual usage
  • One time charges for setting up or modifying new moderators
  • Additional charges for exceeding the number of participants allowed on a given conference call
  • Charges for provisioning customized greetings, call control features, etc.

We at TRC made it our mission to address these concerns by delivering all of our services on a price per minute basis without requiring the use of additional charges for features and services that were already an integral part of our operating service platform. As a result, our customers use our services with the confidence of knowing their monthly invoice will contain only those charges that are directly based upon the actual number of minutes of usage for our audio and web conference services with no frills and no hidden charges.

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