Improve Your Conference Call Effectiveness with the SmartMeet Mobile App

SmartMeet Mobile App

Two Rivers Conferencing's inventive mobile app for Reservationless Conference Calling is a full-featured approach to conferencing on the go. Called SmartMeet, this app will give you the power to start, join and schedule meetings with seamless and complete call management. In addition, you can avoid high roaming charges when you travel internationally and conduct meetings with carriers that do not support simultaneous talk and data.

Other SmartMeet features and benefits include:

Native Calendar Integration

Use the in-app calendar to check your availability in your device's native scheduler.

Push Notifications

Push notifications will tell you when someone first enters your waiting room as well as after five minutes of inactivity as a reminder to start your meeting.

Favorite Meeting Profiles

Save time by storing an unlimited amount of unique meeting profiles to your Favorites.

Schedule and Invite

Your meeting invitation emails include the meeting details as well as a tap-to-join link that automatically connects participants to your meeting.

Dial-In & Support Numbers

Use one tap to quickly retrieve and connect to your designated local and international dial-in and support numbers.

One-Touch Access

One tap is all it takes to start or join your audio meeting. Our Call Me feature allows you to initiate a call to one of your stored phone numbers or dial right into your meeting.

Password Protection & Provisioning

Set a required application password for all accounts within your organization. Passwords can be set to expire periodically.

Multiple Accounts

Save multiple TRC accounts for hosting your conference calls.


Add a new level of collaboration and engagement between yourself and participants with the in meeting chat feature.

Participant & Waiting Room View

Easily navigate between the Participant and Waiting Room view tabs to see who is participating in your meeting or waiting for your approval to enter.

Management & Control

In-app features such as mute, unmute, rename, disconnect all or individual participants give you confidence and control.

In-Meeting Invites

Invite additional participants during your meeting via SMS, email or Call Now.

SIRI Integration

If you have an iOS device, use SIRI to start your meeting.

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