Enhancing Profitability, Security and Image of Law Firm Conference Calls

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Two Rivers Conferencing, LLC's management team has over 25 years of conferencing expertise, specializing in our country's premiere law firms of all sizes and legal specialties. We know how important conference calls are to legal professionals and we provide superior quality audio, video and web conferencing that is easy to use while backed by personal real-time assistance. Our clients value us most for our ability to improve the profitability, increase the security and enhance the image of their law firm's conference events.

Profitability is improved by our advanced invoice and billing system that allows every conference event to be associated with the correct client matter number. Further improvements are realized by reducing the amount of staff time taken to process the information provided on each invoice into its most usable format for the firm's data tracking requirements.

Improved profitability starts at the beginning of each conference call. Our clients have the option of being prompted to input the client matter number assigned to the conference event. Our system then confirms the number prior to launching the conference call to eliminate the possibility of number entry errors. These assigned numbers are carried forward onto our monthly billing statements sent electronically as email attachments. The same information can be provided more quickly via conference reports sent to designated administrators within moments after the conclusion of each conference call!

Having clearly defined client matter numbers on every invoice dramatically improves the time taken by members of the firm's accounting staff to assign these costs to clients. Processes that required hours of staff time to research and assign client matter numbers can now be accomplished in just minutes! We recapture more time by customizing the design of our billing statements to the client's specific needs including separating use of our services into clearly labeled segments for listing specific projects, departments or, if desired, names of moderators.

Customizing on a range of options also characterizes TRC's approach to improving the security of our clients' conference events. Our most security conscious clients utilize the option of provisioning a unique password for each participant attending the call. Still others request a live operator greet and screen each arriving participant before placing them onto the call. We also encourage law firms take advantage of our “name announce” feature to allow all participants to be made aware of newly arriving or exiting parties to or from the conference call.

Those preferring a more “hands on” approach to conference security are provided with access to a web based software application called “web portal” that allows conference moderators or assistants to view the arrival of each participant and his or her associated telephone number. Web portal allows the moderator to then disconnect undesired callers at the touch of a button. It also allows the ability to mute individual participants and operate portions of the conference event in lecture and question & answer mode!

Our experience with law firms has taught us the importance of improving the image of the firm while also addressing concerns for profitability and security. We strongly believe that the firm's image suffers when requests for assistance or for problem resolution take too long to resolve. We address this important issue by directly answering every call to our customer Help Desk with a fully trained team member who takes direct responsibility for correctly resolving any problem and satisfying any request. There are no “phone trees” at TRC and, in many cases, we know our customers by name.

We take image improvement to the next level by providing our clients with the option of a having customized greeting played for each arriving participant. Many clients like hearing, “Welcome to the 'your firm name' Conference Center,” played prior to the prompts for entering conference codes and joining the event. Many also appreciate that all our conference connections take place over high quality public switched telephone network (PSTN) connections with call clarity superior to the jitter or digitized voice anomalies that may occur with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) connections.

Thank you for taking the time to learn how TRC's experienced professionals can improve the profitability, increase the security and enhance the image of your law firm's conference events. We encourage you to visit our web site at www.trconf.com and consider participating in a thirty day free trial of our services. For immediate assistance, please call us at 1-888-222-9061 to speak directly with a member of our customer service team.

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