Does Your Conference Service Provider Give You Detailed Electronic Invoicing? It Should.

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The importance of receiving a detailed invoice when using conference calling services is an often over-looked and undervalued aspect of the Conference Service Provider's (CSP) capabilities. The complexity of conference call detail records can pose serious challenges to accounting specialists charged with the responsibility of assuring the legitimacy of the charges billed by the CSP and allocating those costs to specific individuals or departments within the client organization. At Two Rivers Conferencing LLC we place considerable importance on our process for providing our customers with timely, accurate invoices that provide all our customers with a well-organized invoice that allows for easy verification and assignment of conference service related costs.

The process begins with the attention we give to setting up each new moderator account. We make certain to obtain the moderator's name along with their assigned department and, if appropriate, associated project or Client billing number. This initial information allows us to provide invoicing that is sorted by moderator or department levels making it easier for accounting specialists to identify and assign the use of our services to specific managers, departments or client organizations.

We further enhance our invoicing process by offering our clients the option of entering billing codes as part of the procedure followed by moderators to launch conference events. In this case our conference bridging system annunciators prompt and then confirm the entry of, “conference billing codes” prior to the start of any conference event for no additional charge. These verified entries are then prominently displayed on the invoices sent to our clients. Many professional service organizations (e.g. law firms, consulting firms, etc.) use this information to bill back their clients on the use of their services which often represents an important source of income and profits to the organization.

Another enhancement to our invoicing process allows our clients the option of receiving an email report within minutes of the conclusion of selected conference events. Many use this feature to confirm that only authorized users were connected onto the conference event as well as quickly process the charging of professional service fees to the client for which the event directly served. This ability to enhance the security and profitability of conference events is again provided by us for no additional charge.

We are proud to provide our customers with “best-in-class” invoicing solutions. Each month we send out our current invoices as an email attachment to allow our clients immediate access to the information they need to assign their use of our services to the appropriate managers, departments and clients. The importance of this feature is often rated among one of TRC's most appealing qualities in comparison to other CSPs.

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