Businesses Reap Rewards with Two Rivers' Affinity Program for Conferencing Services

It is often said that word of mouth is the most powerful form of advertising. Two Rivers Conferencing, LLC has realized consistent and substantial growth since its founding as a result of the positive word of mouth advertising shared by its clients and our well connected network of Dealers and Independent Sales Representatives. We enhance this important strategy through the use of an Affinity Program that rewards our loyal clients on the revenues generated by the new customers they refer to us. Each month TRC issues commission payments equaling ten percent (10%) of the revenues collected from its newer customers to the customer or sales channel partner that referred those clients to us! Participation in this program is easily accomplished and can yield substantial benefits to those who value the creation of long term recurring revenue streams for their business or organization.

Customers can initiate their participation in our program by contacting a member of TRC's service or management team and identifying the name of a prospective user of our services. We will then assign the prospect to our Affinity Program's billing and commission payment system. This system calculates and applies a ten percent commission payment to the referring customer upon the receipt of payment on invoices related to the use of any TRC services by the new client. Another equally effective means to participate is to request that the prospect mention the referring customer during the process of setting up their service program either in person or in the comments section of TRC's Free Conference Trial program listed on our web site ( In either case, TRC will confirm the assignment of the prospect via a follow up “Thank you!” email to the referring customer's contact.

Once established, our Affinity Program can provide a long term source of pure profit revenues to our customers. We say “long term” because our commission payments continue as long as the new client continues to use and pay for our services. We say “pure profit” because our commission payments incur no offsetting costs that reduce the dollar value of our payments thus allowing this revenue to flow directly to the bottom line of the recipient's Profit & Loss Statement. Many clients say the performance of our recurring revenues significantly exceed the profit margins of other sources of business and organizational revenues.

Making it easy for our customers to participate in our Affinity Program and generating long term, pure profit recurring revenues helps TRC to cultivate strong business relationships with our clients. We also benefit from the insights and suggestions shared by our veteran users with newer users about features that can enhance the productivity of conference events. This useful sharing of information underscores the importance of offering our conference service affinity solution.

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