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Two Rivers Conferencing, LLC's management team has over 25 years of conferencing expertise, specializing in our country's premiere law firms of all sizes and legal specialties. We know how important conference calls are to legal professionals and we provide superior quality audio, video and web conferencing that is easy to use while backed by personal real-time assistance. Our clients value us most for our ability to improve the profitability, increase the security and enhance the image of their law firm's conference events.

Profitability is improved by our advanced invoice and billing system that allows every conference event to be associated with the correct client matter number. Further improvements are realized by reducing the amount of staff time taken to process the information provided on each invoice into its most usable format for the firm's data tracking requirements.

Improved profitability starts at the beginning of each conference call. Our clients have the option of being prompted to input the client matter number assigned to the conference event. Our system then confirms the number prior to launching the conference call to eliminate the possibility of number entry errors. These assigned numbers are carried forward onto our monthly billing statements sent electronically as email attachments. The same information can be provided more quickly via conference reports sent to designated administrators within moments after the conclusion of each conference call!

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It is often said that word of mouth is the most powerful form of advertising. Two Rivers Conferencing, LLC has realized consistent and substantial growth since its founding as a result of the positive word of mouth advertising shared by its clients and our well connected network of Dealers and Independent Sales Representatives. We enhance this important strategy through the use of an Affinity Program that rewards our loyal clients on the revenues generated by the new customers they refer to us. Each month TRC issues commission payments equaling ten percent (10%) of the revenues collected from its newer customers to the customer or sales channel partner that referred those clients to us! Participation in this program is easily accomplished and can yield substantial benefits to those who value the creation of long term recurring revenue streams for their business or organization.

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SmartMeet Mobile App

Two Rivers Conferencing's inventive mobile app for Reservationless Conference Calling is a full-featured approach to conferencing on the go. Called SmartMeet, this app will give you the power to start, join and schedule meetings with seamless and complete call management. In addition, you can avoid high roaming charges when you travel internationally and conduct meetings with carriers that do not support simultaneous talk and data.

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Who, Where, Why, What, How, When?

Surprising your conference call participants with questions can result in embarrassing delays as they search for an appropriate response. Fortunately, these awkward moments can be prevented entirely and for all time by having conference event moderators adopt the practice of alerting participants in advance of their required contribution to the group's discussion. Like all good habits, adopting this practice requires discipline and practice. One respected approach identifies seven basic steps that we have applied to the circumstances of a conference event moderator:

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In its early days, teleconferencing industry technology required that Conference Service Providers schedule their customers' conference calls in advance then greet each arriving participant before placing and announcing them onto the conference call. All that changed with the arrival of “Toll Free Reservationless Conference Calling” in the mid-1990s! Conference users can initiate a conference event today at their earliest possible convenience and allow participants to join the event immediately after entering the correct conference code.

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Magnifying Glass

The importance of receiving a detailed invoice when using conference calling services is an often over-looked and undervalued aspect of the Conference Service Provider's (CSP) capabilities. The complexity of conference call detail records can pose serious challenges to accounting specialists charged with the responsibility of assuring the legitimacy of the charges billed by the CSP and allocating those costs to specific individuals or departments within the client organization. At Two Rivers Conferencing LLC we place considerable importance on our process for providing our customers with timely, accurate invoices that provide all our customers with a well-organized invoice that allows for easy verification and assignment of conference service related costs.

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No Hidden Charges

Prior to launching its Conference Service Provider business, the founding executives at Two Rivers Conferencing conducted a substantial number of interviews among a wide variety of other service providers' customers. The information gained from these interviews guided us in almost every aspect of our operating technology and service provisioning processes. We took special note of the almost unanimous dissatisfaction expressed about recurring monthly fees and hidden costs that appeared in every new CSP invoice! These included:

  • Ongoing monthly account fees regardless of actual usage
  • One time charges for setting up or modifying new moderators
  • Additional charges for exceeding the number of participants allowed on a given conference call
  • Charges for provisioning customized greetings, call control features, etc.

We at TRC made it our mission to address these concerns by delivering all of our services on a price per minute basis without requiring the use of additional charges for features and services that were already an integral part of our operating service platform. As a result, our customers use our services with the confidence of knowing their monthly invoice will contain only those charges that are directly based upon the actual number of minutes of usage for our audio and web conference services with no frills and no hidden charges.

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