Why Even Small Businesses Save Time and Money with Conferencing Solutions

Save time and money

Many business people believe that phone, web and video based conference solutions offered by Service Providers like Two Rivers Conferencing only benefit larger businesses and organizations. They are not aware how conferencing provides significant value to small business customers with ten or fewer employees. In reality, over one third of TRC's clients are small business owners and managers who routinely use our services to achieve significant savings and operating efficiencies in travel costs, utilization of time and improved business profit margins!

Let's begin with travel savings. Travel industry experts report that the cost for a businessperson traveling to attend meetings now averages $949 per trip in the case of domestic business travel and $2,600 per trip in the case of international business travel! These cost estimates include coach airfare, hotel, meals and local transportation expenses. In comparison, experts in the Conference Service Provider industry report the use of conference calling services average just $100 per month for small business users!! These significant cost savings take on even greater importance when considering the way conference calls can improve one of the most important business resources; that of the utilization of time. I also want to point out that conference calls do not consume fossil fuels or create harmful emissions making it the most environmentally friendly way to conduct business meetings!

Let's talk about efficiency. Small business owners and managers report spending significant time dealing with issues and resolving problems via email and text communications. Time management experts advise us that these forms of communication can waste minutes and hours that can be more effectively replaced through the use of live, interactive communications. The use of conference calls quickly informs colleagues or clients of important developments, promotions or issues needing fast solutions. You can do so with efficient speed and effectiveness with everyone present via our conference call services. Best of all, you will become a role model for others in your company and industry. It is in this last arena that our clients can achieve improved business profit margins through the use of our services.

Refer and profit: Simply put, Two Rivers Conferencing has grown substantially from its founding in 2005 through an organic growth model. This model is largely based upon our customers' promotion of our services through setting an example of operating efficiency and the resulting word of mouth advertising it creates. Dozens of our customers receive monthly commissions on the revenues we collect from customers they have referred to us. These commissions are a form of pure profit revenues without any offsetting costs. As a result, TRC's recurring commission payments outperform the profit margins of our clients' most significant source of business revenue! Our services include: audio teleconferencing, web conferencing, video conferencing and online meeting manager — all with superior quality and service.

Hear from a TRC client: A TRC small business client, Mike Reeg - President and Founder of Chicago-based Data-Tel Communications, said: “The quality of Two Rivers Conferencing sets the right impression for my business. Their quality is top-notch - a rating of ten on a scale of one to ten. They offer a seamless and easy to use service... None compares to the quality and the value offered by Two Rivers Conferencing.” Mike adds, “Keep up the good work!”

Taken in total, it now becomes clear why even very small business customers should take immediate advantage of TRC's significant savings and operating efficiencies in travel costs, utilization of time, improved business profit margins and quality service! I strongly encourage you to contact us to learn more about our full line of conference related services and enroll in our 30-day free trial. Join other small businesses benefiting from our conferencing services!

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