Too Important to Fail: Excellent Customer Service is Essential in Choosing a Conferencing Provider

Excellent Customer Service

We often describe Two Rivers Conferencing LLC as a Conference Service Provider that is, “large enough to serve you but small enough to care!” Recent survey responses show one hundred percent (100%) of our respondents report they are “highly satisfied” with our services in the past year with a substantial percentage (87%) indicating they are “very likely” to continue using our services in the future. The combination of these positive responses confirms TRC's service capacity and range of service features meet our customers' needs.

Why such high customer satisfaction? We believe it's because we provide our customers with direct access to a knowledgeable staff of conference service professionals having substantial backgrounds in telephony and/or conference calling since TRC's founding in 2005:

  1. Judy Bogaerts, Operations Support Specialist, 5 years at TRC
  2. Kristina Owen, Director of Client Services, 8 years in telephony and 6 years at Aspen Conferencing and TRC
  3. Mary Kay Riviere, Director of Operations, 9 years at TRC
  4. Neil Doughty, President & CEO, 33 years in telephony and 5 years at TRC
  5. Rick Riviere, Founder & Managing Partner, 36 years in telephony and 23 years at CPI and TRC

Taken together, our team has accumulated 77 years of telephony experience and 48 years of experience in managing or operating a Conference Service Provider business! This combined experience has taught us all the importance of:

  1. Telecommunications' role as a “mission critical” business function
  2. Responding immediately to all customer questions and requests for assistance
  3. Empowering all team members with access to information and permission to take actions needed for complete customer satisfaction

We achieve total customer satisfaction by:

  1. Answering all calls to our offices in person without the use of automated attendants or touch tone activated “phone trees”
  2. Dealing with each question or request directly and never referring our customers to third parties for problem resolution
  3. Providing all team members with access to customer data base information and support from technical resources
  4. Surveying our customers annually to determine their level of satisfaction with our services

We really are “large enough to serve you but small enough to care!”

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