The Importance of Abundant Capacity for Trouble-Free Conferencing

Meeting in Paradise

Few things are more annoying during a conference call than service disruption, dropped calls and poor call quality. Once participants experience disruption during a call, it can be very difficult to regain the momentum needed for an important meeting.

Businesses routinely utilize the services of a Conference Service Provider (CSP) to maintain and support “mission critical” functions in their day-to-day operations. They require the CSP to provide abundant capacity so that conference calls can take place regardless of harsh weather conditions or other disruptive local / regional events. Two Rivers Conferencing, LLC meets this challenge by provisioning all of our conference services on very large technology platforms that meet the following criteria:

  1. The platform has total port capacity exceeding the number of conference calls it must support during its peak demand hour on its peak demand day.
  2. The platform has eliminated all single points of failure and has sufficient site diversity to completely avoid the impact of local/regional events on the provisioning of electric and telephone utilities.
  3. The platform allows conference connections to occur seamlessly without the use of alternate, emergency or backup access numbers or conference codes.

Our provisioning strategy has allowed us to always accommodate the conferencing demands of our clients since its founding in 2005. This track record of performance has continued despite the occurrence of many disruptive events impacting our clients' regional or national operating environment. We are confident this provisioning strategy will continue to serve the needs of all those who value the importance of abundant capacity even if these “mission critical” functions require the connection of dozens or hundreds of sites!

If your business would like to experience conferencing free of disruptions, try our services for 30 days at no cost.

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