Improve Your Conference Calling Effectiveness with Fixed Schedule Calls

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To quote Benjamin Franklin, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” This saying has significant relevance when considering the value of conducting conference calls on a fixed schedule basis. Many of Two Rivers Conferencing's clients conduct daily, weekly or monthly conference calls attended by management team members as a way to “manage by talking around” the recurring issues and challenges that these team members share in common. They find that, through these scheduled calls, they can very effectively assist one another in permanently resolving issues. Examples include:

  • Trucking Companies coordinating shipment and routing logistics.
  • Law firms collaborating to resolve client disputes and track progress of litigation proceedings.
  • Service Departments providing mutual aid and support to maintain consistently high levels of customer satisfaction among larger, geographically dispersed clients.
  • Sales organizations sharing success stories to overcome prospective customer objections and overcome competitive initiatives.

Our customers report a fixed conference schedule provides other advantages as well. Advantages include boosting the morale of team members by providing them with membership to the team and the opportunity these calls afford to work together in resolving issues of importance to each member's success. Scheduled calls also reduce the amount of time spent in successfully solving problems immediately through the use of live interactive conference calls rather than more time consuming email exchanges. You can improve on these advantages by starting each call with a review of key performance metrics and regularly asking for the team's feedback on the content and timing of the agenda used on each conference call.

TRC's Toll Free Reservationless conference services make it easy to set up your fixed schedule conference calls without delay or administrative support. You merely notify your team members of the date, time and dial in number of your first recurring conference event. Subsequent changes in the timing of your event can be handled just as easily allowing your “ounce of prevention” to deliver many “pounds of cure!”

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