Ten Things to Consider in Choosing a Conference Service Provider (CSP)

Many executives and managers understand that the use of conferencing services is the best way to build more effective, coherent work teams. However, fewer people understand the important characteristics to consider when choosing a Conference Service Provider (CSP). The following list was provided by an expert with over twenty five years of founding and growing world class CSP organizations.

  1. Abundant Capacity — CSP can accommodate dozens or hundreds of participants on a single conference event without advance notice.
  2. PSTN Quality — CSP provisions all its conference connections through the use of Public Switched Telephone Networks (PSTN) and not Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services.
  3. Direct Access to Knowledgeable Staff — All customer support provided via toll free number access to live, well trained personnel without use of automated attendants or “phone tree” prompted selection menus.
  4. No Frills Pricing and No Hidden Charges — CSP bills clients only for actual minutes used and does not charge recurring account fees, set up fees and fees for use of conference call related features.
  5. Detailed Electronic Billing — Clients receive detailed paperless invoicing that associates the use of CSP services on a departmental or moderator by moderator level.
  6. Accesses to Affinity Programs — Clients are provided the option of receiving recurring revenue payments for referring new customers to the CSP.
  7. Widest Variety of Services — The CSP offers clients a fully integrated array of distance meeting solutions including audio, web and video conference services.
  8. No Service Contracts Required — Clients are not required to enter into term / volume service agreements or other contracts in order to obtain use of the CSP's services at competitive rates.
  9. Trial Programs to Confirm Service Quality — prospective clients are allowed to access and utilize the CSP's solutions for a reasonable period of time without cost or obligation.
  10. Ongoing Advice and Counsel — Clients receive constant and consistent communications regarding ways to enhance and improve their use of the CSP's solutions.

The above list can serve as the foundational requirements of any size business or organization. While many conference service users start out small, their use of the technology often expands over time thus underscoring the need to give all these requirements equal consideration.

January 28, 2014


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