The Best Kept Secret in Business-to-Business Collaboration

Today, most very large businesses take advantage of high quality video teleconferencing to securely reach beyond the enterprise (as well as between remote locations within the enterprise) for effective face-to-face online business meetings. This typically requires those organizations to acquire premise-based video conference equipment, a high capacity data network infrastructure (in the cloud or on-premise), and video conferencing services that can support business partners and a mobile workforce.

Such enterprise level video conference users also require readily available - if not 24/7 - skilled and responsive technical support service to ensure that video collaboration works when it's needed. Although video teleconference equipment has become much easier to use, room based video conferencing services still requires some technical know-how to avoid delays and glitches.

It is exactly for these reasons that most small to mid-sized businesses and many large business, lacking the afore-mentioned facilities, equipment and resources, don't even consider utilizing video teleconferencing as a remote collaboration option. Most will instead get-by with more readily accessible audio conferencing and online web meeting tools. Or they will bite the budget bullet and increase their organization's travel costs to arrange in-person face-to-face team meetings.

What these businesses are missing is an awareness of one of the best kept secrets in business-to-business collaboration — that any size business can easily arrange a video conference room rental for a fraction of the travel, lodging and meal costs incurred to arrange face-to-face team meetings.

A wide proliferation of video conference room rental providers combined with today's world-wide high capacity data network practically ensures that a suitable video conference room rental facility is located a convenient distance from businesses located in any major metropolitan location in the United States, or in the World.

Video conference room rental customers receive the added benefit of receiving white-glove service from the video conference room provider that covers everything pre-meeting setup to multi-point connectivity testing and troubleshooting. Some locations offer catering services. All the customer needs to do is show up on time for their meeting!

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