This Is Not Your Father's Video Conference Service

Some companies and organizations are stuck in the past, and as a result, avoid considering video conferencing as a viable option for effective business meetings that require gathering together multiple work groups from distant locations.

Using video conferencing “in the past” effectively meant a large investment in expensive premise-based equipment and facilities (video codecs, dedicated conference rooms) and high capacity network connectivity (ISDN, T1s), and internal resources (Telecom and IT support). Even after all that investment, there was a risk that the quality of your video conference call, or the ability of other participants to successfully join your long-distance meeting (or both) could be an issue, causing the productivity of your business meeting to plummet.

Today's video teleconferencing is much easier, very reliable and available in a vast array of different technologies and service platform options, all thanks to telecommunications deregulation and the internet. Most people are aware of the low-cost options available for conducting an individual video conference from a computer desktop using applications like Adobe Connect and WebEx.

Fewer people are aware that the ability to use a room-based video conference meeting to connect multiple conference rooms full of remote work teams has also become much easier, very reliable and much less expensive. Thanks to the combination of HD video conferencing technology, and the proliferation of lower cost, high capacity networks, most organizations can now take advantage of using room-based multipoint video conferencing to connect remote work teams for a fraction of the cost years ago.

Still not interested in taking on the expense, time and resources required to enable video conference meetings on your premises? Video conference room rental facilities make it possible to avoid all of that as well. Much like you would rent a car from one of thousands of conveniently located auto rental companies, you can easily rent a video conference room, complete with the required equipment, connectivity and support and also likely close to your location. Interested? You should be, especially if you need to bring remote work groups together periodically and you want to reduce your travel expenses.

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