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Most people don't give a lot of thought to participating on a teleconference call. Aside from putting it on your appointment calendar and making sure you have the information available for joining on-time, there's not much else to think about, right?

That's true if you are on the receiving end of the teleconference meeting as one of the attendees, however there are a few more things you should consider if you're the one responsible for arranging an online business meeting. After all, the purpose of a typical teleconference is to arrange a meeting of multiple individuals so that a specific business purpose is accomplished within a scheduled amount of time. Therefore, to achieve a successful online meeting on a teleconference call, it can be very helpful to consider the following concerns most good meeting arrangers would address when scheduling an in-person meeting or event:

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We think it's important to provide some perspective to the discussion about Marissa Mayer's decision to quash Yahoo's teleworking policy. It appears that telecommuting is alive and well, at least at other employers in the Silicon Valley, as evidenced by a Silicon Valley Business Journal Survey of Valley Companies.

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