When Should You Use a Video Conference?

We encountered an interesting perspective on how one IT consulting firm uses video conferencing or more specifically, how it determines when to use a video conference versus a traditional teleconference call or web conference.

Many companies do a good job of making audio, web and video conferencing services available to employees who can benefit from these productivity-enhancing tools. Most organizations within those companies leave it up to the individual employees to determine when and how to use each type of service — and rightly so. Who better to consider the factors that can determine which type of conferencing option or collaboration tool is the best fit when arranging an online meeting with given client or partner, or just getting together with an employee in a distant location?

Assuming all potential conferencing services user have been trained on the use of available conferencing service options, which a good conferencing service provider will be ready and even eager to deliver, it may seem to be obvious when one type of conferencing service is a better fit for a specific meeting than another. But that may not always be the case.

An InformationWeek online article provides good insights into some of the common considerations used when determining when to use a video conference, as well as the guidelines used by one company uses when making that decision, as offered by Mike Healy, President and Founder of Yeoman Technology Group.

Our experience with working with many different users of many different conferencing services, over many years, indicates that the decision on when to use each type of available conferencing tool needs to take into account the specific needs of each organization, and just as importantly, the needs and capabilities of the meeting hosts and participants. In the case of the Yeoman Technology Group, their guidelines make a lot of sense for them, and it's possible they might make sense for your organization as well.

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