Telecommuting Leaps to Front of News

Looks like we were just slightly ahead of news trends on the subject of Telecommuting with our January and February blog articles. Thanks to Yahoo's recent policy memo, obtained and published by tech blog All Things D, the subject of telecommuting has suddenly jumped to the forefront of news for many leading general and business media news outlets.

Within weeks of the initial publicity, a Yahoo spokesperson responded to many critics, explaining the new Yahoo policy shouldn't be interpreted as a broad industry view on working from home, instead it was “...about what is right for Yahoo, right now.”

One positive result of this wave of publicity is the enormous response it's generated in online discussion boards and online media articles on a subject that heretofore was addressed very infrequently in any of the US business media. Now, analysis oriented articles continue to surface, and the opinions of news leaders on telecommuting have been solicited far and wide, with Richard Branson and Bill Gates among those who have weighed-in recently.

The bulk of responses and opinion pieces show there is a significant segment of the business population that feels strongly about the benefits of telecommuting for both employers and employees. Regardless of your opinion on telecommuting (or on Yahoo's policy), having access to more information on the impacts, benefits and challenges it offers for businesses is a very positive development.

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