Two Rivers Conferencing Announces Completion of Merger with Crosspoint Communications and Expansion of Services

SCHAUMBURG, IL - Illinois-based Two Rivers Conferencing, a leading provider of audio teleconferencing, web conferencing, and video conferencing services, today announced the completion of merger activities following the January 2012 acquisition of privately held Crosspoint Communications.

“This was another step in our continuing strategy to grow by acquiring other compatible conferencing service providers,” said Rick Riviere, Two Rivers Conferencing Founder and Managing Partner. Two Rivers Conferencing customers have realized substantial benefits from the successful implementation of its Growth by Acquisition Strategy which began in March 2011, with the acquisition of Aspen Conferencing. “Both acquisitions have resulted in higher levels of customer service and support through the integration of additional capabilities and resources, a greater diversity of service features and a more financially sustainable business organization, all of which adds to the value TRC brings to our customers and strategic partners,” added Mr. Riviere.

In 2012, Two Rivers Conferencing also completed a significant expansion of conferencing services, enabling existing customers to conduct individual conference calls attended by up to three hundred participants using the same toll free access numbers and conference codes. Other new services made available to Two Rivers Conferencing customers in 2012 include Unified Communications, an integrated web conferencing service with a full set of command and control functions, and the capability to provide multiple simultaneous streaming video images though Cisco WebEX and Adobe® Connect web conferencing services.

The completion of the Crosspoint Communications merger and the expansion of service offerings contributed to an increase in monthly conference call volume of 43% since the beginning of in 2012. At the same time, recent customer survey responses show one hundred percent (100%) of our respondents report they are 'highly satisfied' with Two Rivers Conferencing services. “The combination of these positive results reaffirms our commitment to continue to improve our service capabilities and enhance the range of service features without disrupting or changing the way our customers currently access or utilize our services, while we continue seeking other acquisitions that make sense for our business.” Mr. Riviere said.

More information about the services offered by Two Rivers Conferencing can be found on their recently re-launched website at, or by phone at (866) 649-1700 or by email at

About Two Rivers Conferencing
Two Rivers Conferencing, is a full service conferencing services provider that offers high-quality, easy to use audio teleconferencing, web conferencing, video conferencing services and customer service to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes, helping them to effectively communicate and share information with their customers and within their organizations in ways that optimize their time, resources and budgets. Additional information about Two Rivers Conferencing can be obtained by visiting

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