Two Rivers Conferencing Customers Benefit from Growth by Acquisition Strategy

Two Rivers Conferencing's customers have realized substantial benefits from the Company's successful implementation of its Growth by Acquisition Strategy which began in March 2011. TRC has experienced a six fold increase in its business volume due to acquisitions it completed in the past year. This growth has resulted in higher levels of customer service support, a greater diversity of service features and a more financially sustainable business organization all of which adds to the value TRC brings to our customers and strategic partners.

Our higher levels of customer service stem from the relatively large position TRC holds among the underlying service providers used by the Company. These underlying providers give TRC and its customers a preferred status in meeting special requests and allocate more resources in response to resolving any complaints thus limiting or completely eliminating future service problems. As a result, requests that may have taken hours or days to resolve are usually resolved in a few minutes! TRC's growth has also contributed to the establishment of a team of in-house service professionals who proactively contact customers to assure their satisfaction with all our services. As an example, any Moderator that conducts a large scale conference event is now contacted the next day by a member of our service team with regards to their satisfaction with our performance and any additional needs.

TRC's significant growth has had a direct impact on our greater diversity of service features. We now service large numbers of clients in specific industries when once we served a smaller number of clients in various industries. These increased industry concentrations have enhanced our expertise and ability to deliver features such as Operator Assisted conference calls for large high profile events; conference summary reports and fully integrated account billing codes used to track and associate conference events to specific clients; and, advanced branding capabilities that allow our customers to improve their image with every conference event.

All of this successful growth has made TRC into a very strong and financially viable business organization. Two Rivers Conferencing is now capable of reliably serving its clients well into the future. Many of our customers and strategic partners consider teleconferencing to be an important part of their overall communications strategy. Our financial health means their choice in us as their service provider will continue to serve those needs both now and into the future. We are excited to report that our Growth by Acquisition strategy has allowed us to continue in this role!

Happy Conferencing!

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